1. Can you monitor my alarm system without a land phone line?

Yes. We can monitor your alarm without using a phone line by using a device called a cellular uplink. This device allows your Elite security system to report to our monitoirng station.

2. Do you install Cameras?

Yes. We can design a camera system based on the level of coverage that fits your needs. We use state of the art equipment and provide the latest technology for your security needs.

3. Do you have direct draft for my monitoring services?

Yes. If you would like to sign up for direct draft please call our office at 877-638-4797 and we will mail you a direct draft bank form.

4. What happens if the power goes out?

Your Elite security system is equipped with a battery backup that takes over should there be a power failure.

5. What about fire safety?

This is a safety issue that is usually overlooked. Most homes have smoke detectors installed but what happens if no one is home when they go off? A simple solution is to have one monitored smoke/heat detector to supplement the others in the house. This way the fire department is notified whether you are home or not. Seconds count when your are dealing with a fire.